Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And we're live

So the blog world has kinda died lately and I think it’s time it came back to life, so imma do my best to resurrect DreamBig. So here is what you can expect to read about on this little blog from now on.

  • Sadness, complaining, and heartache that Sam Kiser and Cort Lindquist are leaving me and going on missions.
  • Alyssa Benson and I getting ripped, we’re gonna be able to beat you up by the end of the semester.
  • My new found addiction to Mello Yello.  
  • Day dreaming of Tennessee and zip lining.
  • Any Utah State adventures that come my way.
  •  My hunt for a husband. Psych! There will be none of that here. 
Also, this is funny. 

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