Sunday, October 16, 2011

Logan Love

Where do I even start?
This week has been unreal. 

Thursday we carved pumpkins for Halloween, mostly with butter knifes.
After carving pumpkins Anna, Alyssa, and I were really in the holiday spirit so we did a little breaking and entering for a Halloween scare that turned out ten thousand times better then we could have ever imagined it would have.

Spent Friday night with Tony Dimond all because this guy and all of Scotland loves Chad Hogan.
If a camera crew comes back in November I'll fill you in on all the details about this. For now I think that should give you a good enough idea. 

Saturday Emily, Alyssa, Chad, Logan, and myself took advantage of the nice weather and headed to the canyon to teach Emily how to shoot a shotgun. 
Safety first
The basics.
Just in case she fell over.
That form....

Just a couple cousins, shooting skeet

Later that night we visited the glowing Avatar/Tron tree. Weird. 

Good week.


Valerie said...

I was confused by Chad Hogan before this post. Now I am REALLY confused.

Derek and Talia said...

emily's stance with the shot gun... priceless. looks fun!

Pat said...

Oh, you two!